Kambathu Ponnu 
Vocals: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Lyrics: Yegathasi

Kambathu Ponnu is that typical Yuvan romantic melody. Crooned by himself, the vocals are pretty shaky (quintessential Yuvan), but he has proved that this is what brings out the emotion in the song and what the fans love. The tropical flavor in the song, coupled with the folk beats and a neat melody might make this a fan-favorite!

Singers: Kailash Kher
Lyrics: Madhan Karky

Alaalaa is an intense composition from Yuvan. Karky's lyrics are good, but Kailash Kher's pronunciation makes it slightly uncomfortable. The arrangements are praise-worthy, but in the larger scheme of things, it is hard to determine if the song would work for all.

Meesa Vecha Vetaikaaran
Vocals: Mahalingam
Lyrics: Arun Bharathi

A song in proper rural flavor. The vocals are strong and bring a sense of build-up for the hero. The tune isn't exactly fresh, but it is something that could work well with the audience. The beats are heavy and so is the instrumentation.

Sooriyarum Sooriyanum 
Singers: Chorus
Lyrics: Brindha Sarathy

Sooriyarum Sooriyanum is a superb song when looked at from the film's point of view. A big chorus has been roped in to bring the hefty vocal folk flavor. The tune is catchy and quite interesting. The orchestration is the backbone for this track that could add a lot of value to the visuals

Sengarattan Paaraiyula
Vocals:  Ramani Ammal, Senthil Dass
Lyrics:  Arivumathi 

Sengarattan Paaraiyula is a fast-paced folk track that is purely made for us to tap our feet and probably insert some moves too! The song is majorly dominated by the folk beats, but major portions of the track are fused with electronic beats and synths.

Folk Instrumental

The title of this track says it all. It is a pure folk instrumental! The is a nice blend of all the typical folk instruments and the rhythm catchy. There's also a fusion to synths, which adds some value to the track. This one could work well as a theme for the film.
Verdict: Sandakozhi 2 is a typical folk album, but it lacks a punch!
SANDAKOZHI 2 SONGS REVIEW SANDAKOZHI 2 SONGS REVIEW Reviewed by Manoj Mohata on 01:58 Rating: 5

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