Singers: Ka Ka Balachander & Gana Bala
Lyrics: Gana Bala

Sandhanatha is Gaana song sung by Ka Ka Balachander and Gana Bala, written by the latter. Usually Santhosh Narayanan - Gana Bala songs are situation based and Sandhanatha seems to be a song set in a puberty function. This is not your usual Gana song, as Santhosh Narayanan uses Trumpets and Trombones which comes across as a successful experiment.

Singer: Dhanush
Lyrics: G.Rokesh

Goindhammavaala is a song sung by Dhanush and written by Rokesh, who is known for introducing new terms to cinema like Danga Maari, Aaluma Doluma etc., We can expect a lot of lips uttering the word Goindhammavaala, thanks to him. The simplicity of this song, both in terms of the lyrics and tune means the audience can connect to it well.

Kaarkuzhal Kadavaiye 
Singers: Sriram Parthasarathy, Vijaynarian, Ananthu, Pradeep Kumar, Santhosh Narayanan
Lyrics: Vivek

Kaarkuzhal Kadavaiye sees Santhosh join hands with close friends Pradeep, Ananthu, Vijaynarain, and Sriram Parthasarathy. He knows the sweet spot of each one of them, which has helped him produce a flawless melody that is a treat to ears. There is a huge load of sweetness associated with this track, and is definitely one of the picks of this album.

Maadila Nikkura Maankutty
Singer: Gana Bala & Dhee
Lyrics: Gana Bala

This is a fun track written by Gana Bala, that is filled with lot of fun. There are a few double meaning jokes as a part of the lyrics such as 'Mela Vaa Kaaturen... Oora Suthi'. This track starts off as a Gana song, then transposes into a Jazz song, which is aided beautifully by Dhee's vocals. It takes huge guts to try something like this and pull it off well.

Ennadi Maayavi Nee 
Singer: Sid Sriram
Lyrics: Vivek

Ennadi Maayaavi Nee is a signature Sid Sriram track, despite which it is refreshing and new. The orchestra in the background elevates this to a whole new level. Sid Sriram's singing is soulful and euphonious. This track will be a part of your playlists for a very long time.

Singer:  Sindhai Rev Ravi
Tune & Lyrics: Shenoy Nagar Shanmugam

Eppadiyamma is the Vada Chennai's equivalent to Madras' Irandhidavaa, which touched our hearts. Set in the backdrop of a funeral, the lyrics are filled with lots of brotherly love. You play this at a funeral, you won't be punished or mistaken. A top notch oppari Gana sung by Sindhai Rev. Ravi.

Mathiya Seraiyila
Singer: Arivu
Lyrics: Arivu

This is another situation based song, that has a character inside a jail singing a song. The best part about this song is that, the there are very few instruments used. Rather, live sounds of the plates, tumblers, and the spoons in the jail make it a memorable listen. The short duration of the song ensures, we don't get bored.

Alangaara Pandhal
Singer: Dholak Jegan
Tune & Lyrics: Sindhai Nathan

Alangaara Pandhal is another funeral based song, that has extensive usage of the potti and dholak. This song celebrates friendship, and constantly glorifies the person who has died, which is the basic need for an Oppari. There are certain elements that makes this song resemble Eppadiyamma but that doesn't make this track any lesser.

King of the Sea 
Lead Theme Voice : Ananthu

The album has 2 theme songs, out of which this is the first one. The orchestration is brilliant, and the occasional use of the Trumpet gives this a majestic feel. Ananthu's base voice adds essence to this number. You imagine you are going on a boat, and listen to this, you'll be transported to the boat. That's how powerful this is. King of the sea, perfectly titled.

Vada Chennai Theme 
Lead Theme Vocals: Ananthu

We got a glimpse of this theme in the teaser. However, there is much more to this theme song, than what we saw in the teaser. A track that starts with a dark tone, this transposes into melody like Kannamma from Kaala. The usage of silence has been beautiful, which escalates the tension to a whole new level and towards the final portions, Santhosh brings back the dark tone. Easily one of the best themes this year.
Verdict: Santhosh Narayanan retains the flavor conveyed in the title of the film!

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