Enthira Logathu Sundariye
Vocals: Sid Sriram, Shashaa Tirupati
Lyrics: Madhan Karky

In Enthiran, we saw the Robot romancing a human. But how interesting is the concept of a romance between two robots? Bringing this to the screen is one thing, but penning and composing a song for this is super intriguing. Madan Karky and AR Rahman team up to present a product which is high on quality.

Of course, the techno aspect is very high to give the robotic effect and it works like a charm for a track like this. There's a certain texture in Sid Sriram's voice, which is already quite appealing. Add a dose AR Rahman's expertise in processing voices and voila! it fits this song like there can be nothing better. Saasha Tirupati's rendition is also praise-worthy. She is gifted with a mellifluous voice that could be very charming. A little tinkering to make it sound mechanical, and we have another amazing addition to this track.
The song has been programmed in such a way that it sounds romantic, robotic, and pumps you up. If heard using bass boosted headphones, the experience is one of a kind. The experimentation in using various tones in this track is very impressive. Madan Karky has once again proved his prowess in writing contemporary and quirky lyrics.

Vocals: Blaaze, Arjun Chandy, Sid Sriram
Lyrics: Madhan Karky
Do we have a surprise character in this film? Raajali seems to talk about it. 3.0 is the name! Once again, Madan Karky sets the trend of writing rhymes that are exciting to hear. There's a child-like energy in this track and that is set up by Madan Karky's words. The rest is left to ARR for exploration.

Raajali is a very powerful track in which we can distinctly hear the percussions establishing a base for the rest of the song to ride on. Again, the bass guitar's importance is very high, and it complements all the tones used in this track to intensify it. The gang of vocalists includes Arjun Chandy, Sid Sriram, and Blaaze. This is completely a massy track that is based out of rap. With the grandeur of the visuals, this one is surely going to shake the screen.

Vocals: Bamba Bakya, AR Ameen, Suzanne D'Mello
Lyrics: Na Muthukumar
Pullinangaal sounds more like a poem adapted into a song. And here, we remember the immensely talented late Na Muthukumar. Without his words, Pullinangaal wouldn't be as good. There's a very intimate conversation that happens between the human and the birds and it is brought to life with his words.
Getting into the musicality, AR Rahman sets up a serene world with this song. The tranquility is very endearing. Adding to that is Suzanne D'Mello's voice that forms the backing vocals and comes off as the guiding force of the song. Bamba Bakya's voice sounds like an earthy version of singer Mano and his rendition is almost flawless. Ameen joins mid-song for a cute verse and he aces it.
The string section flows through this stream and holds the track right up when coupled with the female harmony. On the whole, Pullinangaal could walk straight through to the heart of the listener.
Verdict: A.R.Rahman churns out yet another powerful album that seems to be binding with the story whilst adding to its 2.0's grandeur
2.0 SONGS REVIEW 2.0 SONGS REVIEW Reviewed by Manoj Mohata on 03:34 Rating: 5

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